“Health is our greatest wealth.”

October 11, 2011

While dealing with massive amounts of change, cooking wasn’t exactly top priority, so my diet fell a little to the wayside. A lot of pizza, Bojangles biscuits, coffee shop pastries, Yuengling, and pizza; and I fell back to drinking coffee regularly. Basically I consumed comfort food that required little to no thought, but also lacked any major nutrition or emotional connection. Now that I’m settled into the bus and have a kitchen again, I’m putting a lot of energy into getting my healthy living back on track, and there have been two major motivating factors for this dedication.

First off I started listening to my body again. It wasn’t happy, and it showed in my energy levels, my alertness, and my strength. When I start my day with coffee, instead of yerba mate, I feel jittery and unable to focus. Too much meat makes me feel sluggish and aggressive, so I’ve reduced my consumption, and I’m back to only eating meat I know its origin. It can be more expensive,  but I eat a lot less of it, and I use it more for flavoring than as a main part of a dish. I try to include more whole grains, more raw foods, and more vegetables, preferably in season and from close by. I’m learning to pay attention and have more discipline when it comes to how much I eat. And Drink. More. Water.  Sticking to this regimen makes it easy to avoid high fructose corn syrup and excessive sodium.

The second motivator, believe it or not, is the hip hop album ‘The Workout’ by Stic.man from Dead Prez. I listen to it almost every morning. It’s basically a manifesto of living a healthier lifestyle: eating better, being more active, and taking political fight to the real enemies: cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc. It promotes activism where we can actually see the change we create: in our own minds and bodies. The intro ‘MVP’ alone gets me prepared for anything the world can throw at me. Here’s the script:

“This is the day of your awakening. This is the day of your awakening! This is the day you put aside all justifications for human weaknesses. This is the day of your Awakening! This day you become the MVP: Most Valuable Person In Creation! This is the day you exercise your right to live. This is the day you exercise your right to life! Awake Giant! Awake Warrior! Awake Lion! Awake General! Awake Soldier! Awake Great Mind! Moving with vitality and power; exercise your alphabet: you are ability; you are breathing; you are creativity; you are discipline. Jump. Move faster; think faster; love faster. Today, you invest in self to save your life. You are the cause of what you cause. Exercise your ability, your breathing, your creativity, your discipline. Exercise. Exercise! Exercise!”

Because it promotes such positive messages, the entire album is intentionally f-word and n-word free, which is rare for such a strong hip-hop album. Even if you don’t like hip hop, I recommend giving it a listen. Maybe it will motivate you to overcome the challenges our society puts up against living healthier more productive lives.


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